Hotel Safes

LockState LS-17EN Small Closet Money Safe
$74.10 $115.00 (-35%)
   The best small electronic safe on the market for your personal home or business. The very popular LS-17EN is...
LockState LS-19EPL Small Hotel Safe
$179.10 $230.00 (-22%)
This safe is the STRONGEST safe in its class. The LockState LS-19EPL has one master code and one user code...
LockState LS-20ED Closet Safe
$105.10 $145.00 (-27%)
The electronic LockState 20ED is the best small safe for home use. for protecting cash, jewelry, documents and other valuables....
LockState LS-35EPL Large Hotel/Laptop Safe
$206.00 $270.00 (-23%)
The LockState LS-35EPL is the perfect safe for hotels, students and laptop users. This strong steel safe has one master...
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